“Do my lips look normal to you?” is a question Costhetics hears all too often when people are talking about lip filler results.

Lumps, excess volume, and an ill-defined lip edge can often be traced to a problem called filler migration. This is a trending topic in the world of cosmetic enhancement, and especially lip beauty, and we’ve got eye-opening facts to share with you.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Lip Filler Migration?

Filler migration refers to a situation in which a product (dermal filler) has been injected into one area of the lips but moves (migrates) to another. Filler migration makes the lips look noticeably unnatural with:

  • Lack of defined border
  • Lumps
  • Bumps
  • Puckering
  • Misshapen lips
  • Puffy upper lip
  • Problems with closing mouth (rare)

There may even be some discomfort involved when filler migrates. With all these possible problems, you may wonder why on earth people take a chance on dermal fillers. Costhetics is happy to report that the risk of lip filler migration can be mitigated. We’ve gathered top tips to ensure your experience is a good one.

Choose the Right Injector at the Right Clinic

Costhetics may sound like a broken record on this topic, but we have to say it again and again: the skill of your injector is the most important consideration for any cosmetic procedure, including lip filler injections. That’s because lip filler migration most frequently occurs when the filler is poorly placed by an untrained or inexperienced injector. They simply don’t know better.

For example, a novice injector who schedules filler appointments too closely together will end up with a patient whose lips look over-filled. An experienced injector knows it is important to wait several weeks for the filler to settle before making the next appointment. The bottom line on the bottom line: an experienced injector may charge more, but you are less likely to have costly problems to correct.

Choose the Right Filler

Never before have patients been more involved in their own treatments, and that’s a good thing. Asking questions and getting answers is your right. Ask which lip fillers are being used at the clinic you’ve chosen. The dermal filler marketplace is being flooded with new products, and not all of them are winners. Some aren’t even approved for use.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular choice today. They add shape, volume, and structure, and offer benefits that last for six months or more. Some injectors continue to use fillers that are difficult to reverse or cannot be dissolved, unlike newer formulations. If you’ve taken the time to find a qualified, experienced injector, this step is easy, as your injector will be able to guide you to a good choice.

Remember to Tell All

When too much filler is injected into an area, the skin cannot accommodate it all and it will migrate, causing misshapen lips. Overfilling the lips can also cause bruising and unattractive lip discolouration. In order to determine the correct amount of filler to use based on your facial structure, your injector needs to know whether or not you have previously had any filler injections in the same area.

Follow Your Injector’s Instructions, Not the Internet’s

The internet can be a wonderful source of information when it comes to lip augmentation with dermal fillers. Unfortunately, some of the information that is posted may or may not apply to your unique situation. One example can be found in online videos offering tips on how to massage lips to smooth out the filler beneath the skin. Too much massage or massage that is done too soon can trigger lip filler migration. Another risk is infection. Like any injection, dermal filler injections make tiny holes in the skin. Touching that area may allow bacteria to enter the holes and cause problems. Listen closely to your injector’s instructions and follow them carefully for best results

Looking for Lip Augmentation? Look No Further

Dermal fillers have been reshaping lips for the better since 1990 when collagen was first introduced. If lip augmentation or any type of cosmetic procedure is on your mind, Costhetics can help you find a doctor near you.

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