There is no such thing as perfection in the world.

More importantly, it is our imperfections that make us unique and human. In other words, your best is always good enough and not just here at Costhetics. Now if Team Costhetics believes imperfections make us human, you may be wondering why we report on the latest news and information on aesthetic enhancement to change your appearance. The answer is simple it’s not about perfection.

Our goal is to help people achieve their one-of-a-kind personal best, whatever that may be. What could be more perfect than that?

Are You Good Enough?

Have you come out of the COVID crisis feeling good about yourself, or are you beating yourself up for not having accomplished more during this time? Are you worried that you let yourself go physically? Are you constantly thinking about what you would have, could have, or should have done? If the answer to these questions is Yes, you’re not alone. You’re also not a bad person. What you are, in fact, is a victim of the pervasive and somewhat perverse concept that has gripped our world. It is a culture of perfection where your best will never be good enough.

Don’t go there. You can’t let perfectionist thinking poison your mind. “Perfection is the ideal that kills,” writes author Will Storr in his book, Selfie: How We Became So Self-Obsessed. “Whether it’s social media or pressure to be the impossibly ‘perfect’ 21st century iterations of ourselves… or pressure to have the perfect body… or pressure to be successful in our careers… or any other myriad ways in which we place overly high expectations on ourselves and other people, we’re creating a psychological environment that’s toxic,” says Will.

Toxic Perfectionism?

Perfectionists refuse to accept any standard that falls short of, well, perfect. This unrealistic and unhealthy point of view can manifest itself in three ways:

  • Self-focused perfectionism makes us critical of ourselves, which in turn, makes us doubt our value (I’m not good enough)
  • Other-oriented perfectionism makes us critical of others, which in turn, can be isolating (No one is good enough for me to work with, date, etc.)
  • Socially prescribed perfectionism influences our decisions as we try to meet someone else’s standards regardless of whether we agree with them (Everyone is getting wrinkle injections, I better do that too, even though I don’t want to)

Combating impossible expectations is incredibly challenging for anyone. It can be nearly impossible when those expectations are created by the unrealistic views of others.

People Are Only Too Happy to Criticise

Social media has amplified the negative effects of perfectionism. Users court gratifying likes and bask in ego-stroking feedback on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. The problem occurs when the feedback turns negative, with millions of pairs of eyes focusing on every flaw and posting about it.

These comments are particularly hurtful to younger users, though no one really escapes the damage. According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, “Perfectionism among youth increased by an average of 33% in the past 27 years, and social media could be a contributing factor,” reports Verde Magazine.

The High Price of Perfectionism

Striving for perfection is a beautiful thing. Thinking you can actually achieve it will drive you crazy. HuffPost contributor Pavel Somov’s article on The Seven Costs of Perfectionism notes that an obsession with unattainable ideals can:

  • Lead to mental health issues including stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Hurt relationships and lead to social alienation
  • Lower productivity by creating anxiety that worsens performance
  • Reduce creativity
  • Rob individuals of compassion
  • Waste time and resources trying to achieve the impossible

(You can read about the Seven Costs here)

The Antidote to Doomed Perfectionism

You can’t be perfect, no matter what your mother told you. You can try to be better, however. The quest for perfectionism is doomed from the start. However, any time you try to improve – your looks, your love life, or your job – the effort itself is perfect. Perfect? Yes. Perfect. Even if you fail. To succeed, all you have to do is try.

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