One of the guiding principles Costhetics supports in the world of aesthetic enhancement is this: know before you go.

What do we mean by that? Simply put, take the time to do some research into the background and approval rating of the aesthetician you’re considering before you put your face (or other body parts) into their hands.

Skin therapists report a spike in requests for facials in January. This is to be expected after a season of partying, eating, losing sleep, etc. If you’re new to professional facials or even if you’ve had a few, we recommend you use these questions we’ve assembled to get to know your aesthetician better. Otherwise, you’re playing a dangerous game of Russian roulette with your skin.

Questions to Ask Your Facialist

Here are the basics:

  • What is your background? – This is a broad question, but essential in finding someone who is qualified to provide the service you seek, in this case, a facial. Ask whether your aesthetician is licensed by any agency. Ask how many facials they have performed and what type. A qualified skin therapist will be happy to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.
  • Do you perform a skin analysis? An experienced aesthetician will look at your skin to assess levels of hydration and oil, skin thickness, pigmentation, UV damage, and more.
  • What types of facials do you perform? Today, aesthetic professionals incorporate new modalities such as ultrasound and new tools in performing facials. Ask about the full spectrum of services that are offered and how much experience your aesthetician has with each.
  • Why are you recommending a particular treatment? – Be wary of any aesthetician who offers to treat your skin without first talking with you and examining you. Facials are not a one-size-fits-all treatment, so it is important your skin therapist understands your skin type, your skin care regimen, and even your lifestyle habits. An understanding of these factors guides a professional in recommending which peels, facials, and home-care products will help you refresh and rejuvenate your skin.
  • What should I expect from my treatment? – Your therapist should walk you through all the steps of your facial, from beginning to end. This will include a discussion of how long your facial will take, when you will begin to see results, and when skin benefits will be at their peak.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions, Too

In order to recommend the best treatment, follow-up, and products, a good facial professional will have some questions for you too:

  • What are your skin goals?
  • Do you take vitamins, supplements, or prescription medication?
  • What is your current skincare regimen?
  • Do you stay hydrated?
  • Do you consider your skin oily, normal, or dry?
  • Do you smoke?

Don’t try and put lipstick on a pig when you answer these questions. Don’t say you moisturise daily if you don’t. Don’t say you use a cleanser calibrated for your skin type if you don’t. The more honest you are in your responses, the more successfully your aesthetician will be able to help you.

Costhetics Has a Question for YOU

Do you love the idea of smoother, more radiant skin, but aren’t sure where to go to achieve your goals. We can help. Contact Costhetics and we will refer you to a talented aesthetician in your area.

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