Back in 2010, the Costhetics team got a good laugh when Saturday Night Live spoofed the idea of injecting muscle relaxers into a man’s scrotum.

We’re laughing out the other side of our mouths now, however, as this treatment is becoming more and more popular. In September, The Sun reported that the number of men making enquiries about this treatment had doubled from the previous year. Given women’s enthusiasm for genital enhancement, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

“This year there was a huge trend in vaginal rejuvenation. It is clear that we are going to be seeing more done on men’s private areas, for men wanting smoothing down there.” – Dr Andrew Ordon, Host, The Doctors

As Australia’s leading source for cosmetic surgery and cosmetic enhancement news, Costhetics wanted to get a closer look (you should pardon the expression) at this topic. Here’s where our research took us…

5 Reasons to Hit Me with Your Best Shot

The first question that we wanted to answer is why men are opting for a treatment that’s certainly not mainstream and that for some, may sound downright scary. Proponents of the treatment say it

  • Relaxes skin
  • Smooths wrinkles
  • Reduces sweating
  • Makes the scrotum appear larger
  • Improves your sex life

Men who opt for deeper injections into the cremaster muscles may experience a slight drop in the placement of their scrotum, which can make the penis look larger, too. (Cremaster muscles lower and raise the testis in order to control temperature. It’s the muscle that leads to the “shrinkage” George Costanza experiences in a well-loved Seinfeld episode.)

How Your Doctor Gives You Beautiful Balls

Neurotoxin injections into the scrotum sound scary, don’t they? (We noticed that several of our male staffers unconsciously covered their crotches with their hands during our many discussions of this topic.) The truth is that the whole treatment takes less than an hour. Here’s what typically happens:

  • Assessment – A thorough examination of the area to be treated is the first step. This enables the injector to determine the correct level of neurotoxin to be injected.
  • Prep – A cream or ice pack will be used to numb the area and minimise discomfort during the treatment.
  • Injections – Between 20 and 30 injections are made into the muscles under the scrotum.

The recovery period is just one or two days, and OTC painkillers are all that’s needed during aftercare.


Not everyone is a cheerleader for these injections. Doctors caution that muscle-relaxing injections in the scrotum may not deliver the results men are hoping for. In an interview with Maxim men’s magazine, NYC plastic surgeon Matthew Schulman said:

“Relaxation of the scrotal skin will lead to a smoother, ‘floppier,’ and longer scrotum. This appearance is more consistent with an ‘older scrotum.”

The injections cause no appreciable side effects; the neurotoxin is injected locally and nothing is absorbed by the body. However, there is concern that forcing the testicles to stay closer to the body, which, in turns, keeps them warm, may have an effect on fertility.

“My interpretation is just because we can do it, doesn’t mean we should do it.” – Dr Matthew Schulman

Costhetics Says

Whatever side of the debate you’re on, Costhetics supports your decision. Cosmetic enhancement of any kind is an extremely personal matter. It’s what you think that matters most. That being said, if you think this treatment could change your life for the better, we encourage you to seek out the counsel and guidance of a qualified medical professional with experience in this area.

Be safe…be healthy…be beautiful!


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