In June 2015, entrepreneur Stephen Marsh made a non-traditional decision when it came to funding“Airing”, his non-traditional CPAP device. Rather than approaching investors personally, he reached out to the online community. The results were astounding.

Within two hours of its launch on crowd funding site Indiegogo, the campaign surpassed its funding goal of $100,000, and in just 16 hours, funding for Airing reached $277,319. The money will go to the development, production, and distribution of

The world’s first disposable micro-CPAP device, weighing in at less than 30 grams

4 Ways Airing Promises to Make It Easier to Take Snoring

Why do we snore? A snore is produced when air flows past relaxed tissues in the throat, causing them to vibrate. Nasal congestion is also a factor.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices work to keep your airways open while you sleep. However, many patients complain that the device is unpleasant to wear, leading to lots of CPAP machines sitting un-used on the nightstand, leaving patients at higher risk for health problems.

Marsh, whose brother suffers from sleep apnoea, has applied a new design to CPAP pumps. In an interview with Sleep Review Magazine, he reported that the Airing device addresses pervasive concerns about obstructive sleep apnoea patients’ CPAP noncompliance.The new design is small and lightweight, making it far more pleasant to use than a traditional device.

Additional patient-friendly benefits of Airing will be:

  • Fits in the nose
  • Has no cords
  • Has no hoses
  • Can be adjusted to a patient’s unique physiology

The innovative technology at the centre of Airing is a “micro-blower,” a spin-off from advances in the “Roll to Roll” (R2R) manufacturing process. Marsh promises that inexpensive mass manufacturing of the solution will allow Airing devices to be low-cost and disposable.

Why Snoring Shouldn’t be Ignored

Snoring is more than just an annoyance. The sleep-murdering sound of a person who is having difficulty breathing can be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), a condition that has been linked to

“…a 7-fold higher risk of death and heart disease, regardless of the severity of the disease, age, or history of heart problems.”Snore Australia

Don’t Wait for Airing to Have Your Snoring Assessed

Are you snoring yourself to death? More than 1.5 million Australians are, and millions more around the world. Many of them are unaware of the danger to their health the condition presents.

If you suspect (or your sleep partner has confirmed) that you’re rattling the rafters with your snoring each night, Costhetics urges you to contact a medical professional who is experienced in the treatment of snoring and sleep disorders.

Sweet (silent) dreams!

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