Are you envious of the beautiful people, the social influencers whose fabulous faces and bodies are on display in TikTok videos?

Who wouldn’t be? They look perfect from head to toe. More often than not, digital filters have been used to enhance their images. That fact hasn’t deterred users and influencers alike from trying to achieve the same results in real life. Costhetics’ coverage of the latest news and information about aesthetic enhancement wouldn’t be complete without a look at this trending topic.

How TikTok Filters Make You Look Better

Aesthetic professionals can thank TikTok and the platform’s enhancement filter for the uptick they are seeing in appointments. The filters allow users to improve their appearance by:

  • Contouring face
  • Smoothing skin
  • Adding cosmetics
  • Whitening teeth
  • Re-sizing lips

All these improvements are easy in the digital world. With the help of a skilled cosmetic surgeon or aesthetic professional, they can be easy in real life too.

Filler, Not Filters for Facial Contour

Arguably the most popular option for non-invasive facial contouring, there’s a plethora of different fillers on the market, and no shortage of different ways to use the. Fillers are incredibly versatile and can:

  • Raise the bridge of the nose
  • Create fuller cheeks
  • Elongate the chin
  • Define the jawline

5 Smooth Moves for Enviable skin

Facial skin health and beauty has never been easier to achieve. For that TikTok glow of good health, Costhetics recommends:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Medical grade cosmetics
  • Wrinkle-blocking injections
  • Chemical peel

Make-Up that Doesn’t Smudge, Smear, or Disappear

If you’re tired of applying (and buying) make-up in just the right shade, permanent make-up options exist to keep you TikTok camera ready 24/7. Microblading, a form of eyebrow tattoo, is extremely popular. Lip tinting applies “a simple wash of clear colour across the entire lip,” reports Allure Magazine. The results last up to 18 months.

Laser Teeth-Whitening: A Reason to Smile

A dazzling white smile is easy to achieve digitally. In real life, a laser treatment can help you get it. The easy, painless treatment can eliminate or substantially lighten tooth stains and discolouration while providing dramatic whitening results. The treatment is usually provided by a dentist but is also offered at a medispa where medical professionals are on staff.

Plumping Lips and Pleasing Patients

Dermal filler injections using hyaluronic acid are a popular, semi-permanent solution for people who feel their lips are too thin. Topical anaesthetic makes this an easy-to-tolerate solution. Fat transfer involves taking a little fat from a patient’s thighs, processing it, and then injecting it into the lips just as you would dermal fillers. Treatments need to be repeated in six to twelve months to maintain volume. Lip implants made of silicone can be placed by a facial plastic surgeon. The results are permanent.

Living Your Best and Most Beautiful Life

We couldn’t close out our look at TikTok and our aesthetic enhancement article without acknowledging some of the negatives of filters. In March of this year, CBS news in the U.S. reported, “Government officials and child-safety advocates maintain that TikTok’s computer algorithms (and filters) pushing video content to users can promote eating disorders and even self-harm and suicide to young viewers.” Older viewers may be less vulnerable but may also become overly self-critical.

Costhetics wants you to remember that physical ideal is something we can strive for but will never achieve. We urge you to love yourself unconditionally, and remember that you are wonderful just as you are … one-of-a-kind … unique … perfect.

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