What do you do when you’re a famous face with extra time on your hands?

According to Costhetics’ latest research into news and information about aesthetic enhancement, you launch your own beauty line. Celebrities of every age, shape, and colour are using their fame to promote products they believe in. You have likely already heard of offerings from the Kardashians and Gwyneth Paltrow, but they are just the tip of the celebrity beauty brands iceberg.

Rhianna Invites Fans to Go to Bed with Her

“Rihanna has learned healthy, glowing skin comes not from excess but from a simple, effective skincare routine. That’s why Rihanna launched Fenty Skin,” and created a night-time regimen for everyone, reports Harper’s Bazaar. Her Total Cleans’R Remove-it-All removes impurities and make-up. Her serum, which is part toner, comes next. Known as Fat Water, it is thicker than most serums. The final step is an application of Fenty’s sunscreen moisturiser.

Johansson Brings Her Minimalist Style to Skincare

Scarlett Johansson is known for her less-is-more approach to life …  and skincare too. She decided to partner with fashion executive Kate Foster Lengyel on a five-product line under the brand name The Outset: eye cream, night cream, moisturiser, cleanser, and serum. Be sure to stay tuned to this brand. A lip lotion is slated for release soon. Johansson is also an animal advocate, and all Outset products are clean and cruelty-free. Yahoo News reports, “The brand plans to debut low-waste refill pouches this summer for the trio of products making up the Daily Essentials Regimen.”

From the Tennis Court to the Bathroom Cabinet

Venus Williams had a special interest when she launched her beauty line. The GOAT tennis star is understandably obsessed with sun protection. She partnered with Credo, a retailer known for its line of clean cosmetics, to create EleVen SPF for skincare. Her sun serum is formulated with UV-blocking zinc oxide and prickly pear extract. The combination provides sun protection and hydration too.

What About the Boys?

Not to be outdone, male celebrities are lending their names to aesthetic products. Harry Styles has just launched Pleased as Holdings Limited. The brand offers care products such as an illuminating serum, as well as cosmetics including a matte lip oil pen and a two-in-one eye gel.

Singer Pharrell Williams also joined the fray with a cleansing routine, marketed under the all-inclusive name Humanrace. Designed to be easy and fast as well as moisturising, the product line includes a cleanser, exfoliant, and humidifying cream, to be used each morning.

Jonathan Van Ness, a member of the original Queer Eye Guy cast, has entered the beauty space with a line of hair-care products. Distinguishing JVN products from competitors is the bio-fermentation process it uses in manufacturing. The use of sugarcane (!) is believed to decrease damage, reduce frizz, and strengthen hair over time.

Which Brand is Right for You?

Selecting a beauty product simply because it is made by your favourite celebrity isn’t the best approach. That’s why Costhetics suggests you contact a skincare professional for guidance. A pro can analyse your skin, recommend which ingredients to look for in formulations and which to avoid, and put you on the fast track to looking your best.

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