Score! That’s what Scarlett Johansson—or rather her body—did. Her curves scored a whopping 96.4 on The Golden Ratio scale, an ancient Greek assessment that we still use to identify things that are aesthetically ideal. Scar-Jo led a who’s who list of celebrity beauties, besting Kim Kardashian (in second place) and Helen Mirren (in third).

Researchers for the lingerie brand Bluebella told The Daily Mail that Johansson’s body is

“As close to physical perfectionas any celebrity currently alive”

Here’s how they decided she deserved top honours.

The Reason We Find Things Beautiful

During the Renaissance, renowned artists and architects developed a mathematical equation known as the “golden ratio”. They used it to map out their masterpieces to ensure they were aesthetically pleasing. Thousands of year’s later, scientists use this same mathematical formula to help explain why people are considered beautiful.

So what is the Golden Ratio? It’s a number found by dividing a line into two parts in such a way that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part. The ratio has been held for thousands of years as the paradigm of beauty, including facial beauty.

It’s Always Time for An Hour-Glass Shape

When applied to a woman’s body, the Golden Ratio looks at the difference between her bust, waist, and hip measurements. Johansson’s body proportions rated a 1.560 on the scale; the ideal of beauty at 1.618.

The results were calculated by superimposing a Golden Ratio grid over full-length photos of the celebrity images.

“We were pleased to see that women’s figures were all very different, varying from athletic and slim, to voluptuous and curvy, which shows that you do not have to be have a skinny model-like physique in order to be beautiful.”Emily Bendell, Founder, Bluebella Lingerie

The analysis mapped hips, waist, and bust. Interestingly, all the celebrities fell within +/- 10 per cent of the Golden Ratio, despite the fact the women’s shapes and figures differed enormously.

Bronze, Silver, Gold: Calculating Your Own Body Ratio

It’s easy to find out where you fall in comparison to the Golden Ratio. The first step is to take five measurements and write them down:

  • Measure the circumference of your upper body at the point where your bust is most prominent (Mark this ‘B’ for bust).
  • Measure your waist at its narrowest (‘W’ for waist).
  • Measure your hips at their widest (‘H’ for hips).
  • Measure from your bust line down to your waistline (‘BW’).
  • Measure from your waistline to your hipline (‘WH’).

The next part is a little more complicated and requires some math skills:

  • (B-W) x BW x .5 = Bust figure
  • (H-W) x WH x .5 = Hip figure

Finally the golden key to unlock your golden ratio is this:

Bust figure + hip figure divided by hip figure = your Golden Ratio

Now you know!

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