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Some trends never die, of course, like disco (just kidding). Other trends are hot, then cool off, and suddenly re-ignite. So it is with the Baywatch Body. After years of gathering dust on the shelf, this beloved series is making a comeback. What may be surprising is that the soapy surf series is currently inspiring a different kind of me too movement.

This time it’s men saying me too to body sculpting and enhancement.

In a Perfect World, You’d Do This

It’s true that the healthiest way to sculpt your body is with diet and exercise. Unfortunately, even the most vigorous health enthusiast may have trouble shedding extra pounds and changing body contours with diet and exercise alone. One of the most onerous problems is sagging flesh left behind after weight loss. To address this and other body concerns, sculpting treatments were created to tighten and contour problematic areas.

Best of all, advances in the cosmetic market now make it possible to choose between invasive and non-invasive technologies and techniques to achieve tighter, firmer contours on your frame.

Baywatch Body: Pam Anderson-Style

When Pamela Anderson joined the cast in the third season of the beach-based series, the opening sequence featuring beautiful bodies running in slow motion became iconic … and emulated. It certainly wasn’t the first time an exaggerated female form was celebrated. “The big breasts, small hips, perfect buttocks look goes back to Barbie and before,” one plastic surgeon tells ABC News for their story Plastic Surgeons Salute Baywatch.

“We were blessed with Baywatch,” says another surgeon. “It was the most vivid form of advertising. It’s like an hour-long plastic-surgery commercial.” Inspired by what they saw, thousands of women rushed to their surgeons for:

  • Breast lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Waist, abdomen, and thigh sculpting with liposuction

What has changed over time is not the trend in breast enhancement, but the size of augmentation. Current technologies allow a much greater range of choice, and today’s women are choosing mini breast augmentation. One might say that Pamela Anderson is still driving Baywatch body trends as the actress removed her implants in 1999, but had them re-augmented in 2022, although with a smaller cup size.

Baywatch Body for Boys

When British journalist Mark Simpson first coined the term metrosexual in the 1990s, it referred, in part, to a man who was loud and proud about his interest in fashion, grooming, and cosmetic enhancement. The term metrosexual has fallen by the wayside, but not the lifestyle. Today, more and more men are seeking:

  • Chest surgery (Gynaecomastia) – to lift and remove excess fat and tissue
  • Pectoral Implants – to create a more muscular appearance
  • Body sculpting with liposuction – to trim the waist, shape abdomen and thighs, and chisel the lines of the chest

The REAL Secret of a Baywatch Body

Costhetics can’t emphasise enough how vital it is to consult with a qualified surgeon if you are considering making changes to your appearance. A veteran professional will have the training and experience to discuss your concerns before recommending the best techniques to achieve your body transformation goals.

If you need a more hands-on approach to finding the right doctor in your postcode, please contact us for guidance. Costhetics is always here to help.

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