What Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Australia?

You’ve decided to have a breast augmentation procedure. And you do the research, like any well-informed cosmetic surgery candidate should.

But what does it actually cost to have a breast augmentation in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane? How about Darwin? It seems impossible to find a reliable figure online. And each time a cost is given, it comes with a qualifier that additional costs may be involved. So, what are the real costs? Why can’t you seem to find them? This article should help you get some answers.

Here is a high-level summary – we’ll go into the details of each in more depth (all figures include GST):

  • Surgeon’s fees – Approximately $6500 AUD
  • Anaesthetist’s fees – Approximately $1000 AUD
  • Hospital costs – Approximately $1500 AUD
  • Cost of implants – Approximately $950 AUD
  • Ongoing check-up costs – Approximately $250 AUD per visit

Grand Total – Around $10,000 – $15,000 AUD

If you have tried to determine the cost of breast augmentation in Australia, you already know that an exact figure is impossible to find. The answers you come across—including the estimates on this site—are only rough guides, and often incomplete. In the end, you have to go to general forums and get answers from total strangers.

Certainly the web sites of surgeons you visit do not give any idea of the costs involved. Why? Is the only way to find out the cost to consult a surgeon performing breast procedure?

This article should answer all your questions on the costs of breast augmentation in Australia, and why they are hard to find.

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