Have you ever wondered whether Jennifer Lopez and Julianne Moore have Dorian Gray-style pictures tucked away in their attics?

It was one explanation offered up by Team Costhetics members during a discussion of the slamming bodies and perfect skin of some of our favourite A-listers over 50.

We also wondered about delicious specimens such as Guy Pearce and Hugh Jackman. What do they and other drop-dead gorgeous divos and divas have that we don’t have?  More importantly: how we could get it, too?

Here’s what we found out…

What Jennifer Lopez Does in Bed to Keep Young

It’s hard to be busier than Jennifer Lopez. Actress, musician, TV star, and mother of two, she crams more into a single day than most of us do in a week. How does she do it? A good night’s sleep.

“I try to get eight hours a night,” she told CBS News in a story on celebrity sleep secrets. “I think what works best is sleep, water, and a good cleanser.” Beauty sleep helps J’Lo:

  • Generate collagen to reduce wrinkles and skin sagging
  • Improve blood flow to keep skin oxygenated
  • Give her growth hormones an opportunity to repair damaged cells

Now we’re not saying sleep is the only thing Jennifer does in bed (Have you seen her beau Alex Rodriguez?!), but it is a mainstay of her beauty routine.

What Nicole Kidman Is Forcing Her Children to Do

Nicole Kidman has taken some heat for her cosmetic enhancement choices, but no one can fault her on her flawless alabaster skin. That creamy complexion may have a genetic component, but Kidman is scrupulous about using sunscreen to protect her naturally gorgeous skin. She makes sure to reapply it every 90 minutes throughout the day, she told Women’s Health magazine for their feature “Nicole Kidman Just Spilled her Best-Kept Beauty Secret.”

When it comes to her children, the actress has said, “Because I’m so fair, I recommend my little girls, they wear the sunscreen too. It’s just how I was raised, and it’s why my skin now is, I think, far less damaged than it could have been.”

Costhetics reminds readers that sunscreens can be tricky. We recommend you consult with a skin professional to help you find a product that:

  • Is a broad spectrum sunscreen
  • Has an SPF of 50 or over (Kidman uses SPF 100)
  • Is compatible with your skin (oily, dry, or combination)

Julianne Moore Says Enjoy Dessert, But with This Proviso

You might think that svelte, gorgeous Julianne Moore swore off desserts years ago in order to preserve her trim figure. Not at all. Moore understands when we deprive ourselves of favourites like Doritos or Lamington’s, we’re setting ourselves up to fail. “Focusing on abundance instead of deprivation, as well as having the courage to address the emotions behind our eating patterns are the next steps to creating a healthy body that we love,” says dietician and Huffington Post contributor Anne Guillot.

Moore balances her affection for one, and sometimes two desserts, with lots of activity. Whatever her schedule may be, she is committed to:

  • Ashtanga yoga two or three times a week
  • Weightlifting
  • Working with a trainer

At 50+. Moore is careful to treat her body with respect. “I can’t do anything six days straight because I get hurt,” she told ABC News for the story Julianne Moore’s Exercise and Eating Habits. “That’s the thing about old age, eventually your hip starts to hurt and you have to switch and do something else.”

Model Your Behaviour on Iman

One of the most fabulous faces (and bodies) to grace a catwalk, Iman admits that she’s genetically blessed. “I’m my father’s daughter,” she told The Cut for their article Iman Reveals Her #1 Beauty Secret.  “My father is 80 and he looks 40. So, I’ve inherited that.”

Iman works hard to preserve what she was born with. Her daily skincare regimen includes cleansing twice a day and she is meticulous about her sunscreen use.

The Greatest Tip of All from Tina Turner

Tina Turner hasn’t had an easy life. In addition to surviving an abusive relationship, she’s conquered kidney disease, vertigo, a stroke, and even colon cancer. Yet she remains vibrant, vital, and drop-dead gorgeous at the age of 80. She throws herself completely into everything she does, including maintaining her good looks. She’s an ardent exerciser and is obsessed with healthy eating and proper skin care but gives the credit for her amazing looks to something else.

“My greatest beauty secret is being happy with myself,” she says told the UK’s Mirror. “I believe that a lot of how you look is to do with how you feel about yourself and your life. Happiness is the greatest beauty secret.”

Costhetics seconds that emotion.

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