When it comes to breast augmentation, patients are increasingly concerned about natural-looking results. In the 1960s – sometimes called the age of porn star breast augmentation, doctors inserted enormous silicone implants with little regard for a patient’s physical proportions. The results ranged from slightly unnatural to downright comical, with women’s breasts positively overwhelming their figures.

Times have changed. This is the age of the reality star. Breast surgeons and patients alike are more keenly attuned to breast enhancement results that are in harmony with a woman’s body.

Despite the changing fashion, many celebrities still opt for the look of over-abundance:

That’s Pamela Reed, flanked by Alicia Douvall and Tara Reid in a 2012 cover story on cosmetic surgery from Radaronline.com with breasts that practically scream “fake.”

More and more, however, celebrities are working hard to play down breast enhancement, neither confirming nor denying speculation. What allows them to be so Sphinx-like is their familiarity with the nine telltale signs of breast augmentation, and working with an expert surgeon to avoid them.

You can, too. 

9 Telltale Signs of Breast Enhancement

  1. Scarring – All breast implant surgery leaves tiny scar lines under the breasts, by the armpits, or around the nipples. Fortunately, an expert surgeon can hide those incisions and use advanced suturing techniques to make breast surgery virtually unnoticeable.
  1. Too Close for Comfort – In the photo above, you can see that Pamela Anderson’s breasts are practically touching. Natural looking breasts have more space between them.
  1. Chin Music – The average distance between a woman’s nipples and her chin is approximately 25 centimetres, depending on her height. When a woman’s breasts are so high on her chest that it looks as though she could rest her chin on them, they’re fake.
  1. Melon-cholia – Pamela Anderson’s breasts look unnaturally round, like cantaloupes. Natural breasts are more pear-shaped.
  1. Nope to the Slope – Poorly enhanced breasts look like inflated balloons that have been stuck on the chest. Natural breasts slope downward at the bottom.
  1. Hard Core – The wrong type of implant can cause a breast to be overly firm and to move unnaturally.
  1. Stretch Marks – Placing a too large implant into a small breast forces the skin to stretch unnaturally, making it look overly taut.
  1. Side Show – Implants that are wider than the natural breast do not have the support of the rib cage and can droop to the side. This makes this area more prone to ripples as well.
  1. Ripples Near the Nipples – In creating a pocket for the implant, a surgeon may be too aggressive and cut muscle tissue. This is particular common when the implant is the wrong size for the body. Without the muscle to support it, the skin may become rippled and/or indented.

If you have additional questions about breast augmentation, you can find more information on the procedure here. However, we suggest that you schedule a consultation with a qualified surgeon to get expert guidance as it pertains to your unique situation.

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