At Costhetics, we often chuckle at the wacky antics of film and TV stars who are trying to look their best for the cameras. There’s nothing to laugh about, however, when young A-listers use their celebrity status to sell inferior health and beauty products to adoring fans.

Cosmetic surgeons and aesthetic professionals are known to have differing ideas on beauty, but there is one thing on which they all agree:

Getting health and beauty advice from 18-year-old celebrities can lead to trouble.

Celeb Instagram Touts Enhancement Cream for a Bigger, Better Booty

Recently, 18-year-old Kylie Jenner, the offspring of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, posted a photo to her Instagram page and told her fans about her latest discovery:

“…butt enhancement cream & breast plumping lotion stimulate fat cells in the target areas. I started seeing results after only a month of consistent use. Love their products” – Kylie Jenner

Some people think she secretly had cosmetic surgery. Others think she was paid for her endorsement. We think these questions miss the point. What Team Costhetics would like to know:

Is there any scientific evidence that this product actually works?

What Costhetics Found & Didn’t Find about Butt Enhancement Creams

On the company’s website, the product that Kylie Jenner loves is described as “a modern-day miracle cream that uses science and nature to boost the volume and shape of the hips and buttocks.” It sells for $47.

The active ingredient is listed as Saraspogenin, a substance derived from the roots of a plant grown exclusively in Asia. It also contains Macelignan, which is derived from nutmeg. The manufacturers claim that the cream stimulates a subcutaneous fat layer, which provides a plumper, less wrinkled appearance.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to support this claim and a great deal of science that debunks it. As any dermatologist will tell you, the skin provides a strong barrier against “invaders” like water, toxins, and topical creams. This makes it impossible for any active ingredients in a butt enhancement cream to be absorbedor effective.

Furthermore, as a celebrity aesthetician to Demi Lovato, Jessica Simpson, and Susan Sarandon recently told teen Vogue:

“Any kind of performance ingredient that is geared towards keeping collagen and elasticity intact will have a very hard time doing its job in an upright position when there is weight being pulled down, like with a breast or a buttock” – Renee Rouleau

Choose the Best Procedure for Body Contouring

Celebrities are often well meaning in their intentions when they recommend the next big thing they’ve discovered. So is your mum when she tells you about the product that was featured on the news last night (except it was an infomercial). So is your friend who heard that Jay Zee and Beyoncé are vegans (except they’re actually vegetarians).

When it comes to getting advice, Costhetics wants you to trust but verify. In other words, trust that the advice you are being given has been offered in the right spirit, but do some additional research to confirm that what you’ve been told is actually correct.

The best source for information about cosmetic enhancement of any kind is always a trained, experienced professional. Surgeons at the top of their field pride themselves on keeping up to date on safe, innovative, and scientifically proven methods of making their patients beautiful.

Find an aesthetic professional like that and you’ll be in good hands!

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