Costhetics has always been in favour of drinking … water, that is.

(Other beverages are awesome too, but that’s for another article.) The latest news and information about cosmetic surgery, beautiful skin, and aesthetic enhancement consistently points to hydration as an antidote to dry, itchy skin. This raises the question: how much water should you drink for good skin?

The answer is not as simple as you think.

We Are All Water Babies

Regardless of your zodiac sign, you are a water baby. Just ask Health Direct. Water makes up as much as 80% of the human body, and the experts say it is essential to all your chemical health processes, including:

  • Digestion
  • Nutrient absorption
  • Movement
  • Stable body temperature

Although it didn’t make the Health Direct list, skin health is also impacted by water consumption, but how much water do you need to make a difference?

How Much Water Do I Need for Good Skin?

The Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADG) recommend men drink 2.6 litres of fluid and women 2.1 litres daily for total body wellness. The fluid can come from a variety of sources, but plain water should be the #1 source, followed by high-water fruits and vegetables. There is no specific recommendation for how much water to drink to hydrate skin.

The ADG has recommendations, but many of us don’t always follow them. Is dry skin the consequence? Perhaps. The Better Health Channel questions whether drinking extra water plumps and beautifies skin. To date, only a limited number of small studies have examined the relationship between water consumption and skin hydration.

The most frequently referenced study identifies an improvement in skin hydration in study participants who consumed more water. However, the researchers themselves say improvement was most noticeable in subjects who were already dehydrated when they began the study.

One of the most interesting comments we found was at HuffPost. A dermatologist told them, “Dehydrated skin is mostly superficial and is not affected by internal water content. Not to say drinking water is not important, but keeping skin hydrated relies more on skin care.”

Here’s how to do just that …

6 Ways to Hydrate Skin at Home

Don’t sweat it if your skin is dry. First, you don’t want to lose the water! Second, Costhetics has some easy lifestyle changes you can make to stay hydrated:

  • Use a gentle cleanser on all your skin, not just your face
  • Learn to love warm, not hot, showers
  • Moisturise from head to toe after a shower and whenever you wash your hands
  • Choose body and beauty products carefully to avoid drying ingredients, including acids, retinoids, and fragrance
  • Protect skin from cold outdoor air with a hat, scarf, and gloves
  • Use a humidifier to counteract the drying of air conditioners and heaters

Don’t Delay When Your Skin is Dry

Dry skin does not get better on its own. You need to give it a helping hand. If you need help identifying a dermatologist or skin expert to guide you on your journey, Costhetics can lend a hand. You are invited to reach out and let us help you find a doctor near your postcode.

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