As Australia’s leading source for information on cosmetic surgery and all things that make you beautiful, we deal with facts every day. In our spare time, however, we’re all about fantasies, myths, gods, and goddesses…especially Venus.

The Roman goddess of love has been on our mind lately because her name has been in the headlines, linked to a new cosmetic procedure we wanted to tell you about.

The Dimples of Venus

Known in some ho-hum circles simply as “back dimples,” are two symmetrically balanced indentations in the lower part of a person’s back. This natural physical phenomenon was considered so captivating, and a woman’s lower back considered so seductive, that Michelangelo dubbed them “Venus Dimples.” 21st Century lovers of fine art and beautiful bodies call that area of the back the V-Spot.

Venus Dimples are formed by a short ligament that stretches between the spine and the skin. It’s a genetic trait that from a medical point of view is considered a flaw or defect in the musculature.

Isn’t it funny how imperfection can actually be something quite divine? Venus Dimples are commonly seen on the runway (think Miranda Kerr), on the big screen (think Kristen Stewart), and wherever fine bodies are found.

G-Spot Plus V-Spot Equals Va-Va-Va-VOOM!

Like the G-Spot, The V-Spot has a strong connection to a woman’s sexual pleasure. Your V-Spot is strategically located where your pelvic bones connect. Enthusiasts say that when the blood starts flowing, the orgasm gets going.

Don’t worry fellows. You’ve got dimples, too. Michelangelo dubbed them the Dimples of Apollo, after the son of top god, Zeus. When you get your sexy on, your inner Apollo will spur you on to greater heights of pleasure.

Get Your Own Venus Dimples…for a Price

A Dimpleplasty, or creation of Venus Dimples, is a surgical procedure involving liposuction. After you are given anaesthetic, the surgeon makes a small incision and inserts a cannula into the V-Spot. Heat and vibration cause back fat to break down and the cannula whisks it away. The surgeon then sculpts the V-Spot.

Patients can expect to be laid up for 10 days or more. In order to promote healing and decrease swelling, it’s necessary to wear a special compression garment over the area for at least six weeks. Some patients have watched their Venus Dimples come to fruition in as little as four weeks, although it may take up to three months for the full effect to be achieved.

The average cost for dimple surgery is $1,550 in the Sydney area. In other parts of Australia, your Venus Dimples may cost you anywhere from $750 to $2,500. Factors that impact costs include:

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Geographic region
  • Details specific to your surgical needs

Dimpleplasty for the back is still a relatively new procedure. It should be considered the younger sibling of cheek dimpleplasty, which has been around for more than three decades. Cheek dimples are said to make a face look approachable. (Think Jennifer Garner.)

Costhetics on Dimples

Team Costhetics gives thumbs up to dimples on the cheeks, on the back, and especially those kissable dimpled knees of adorable little ankle-biters. Therefore if you’re considering dimpleplasty of any kind, please remember:

  • Dimpleplasty carries the same risks and complications as any other surgery, including infection.

Most importantly, you must think long and hard about undergoing this enhancement procedure because

  • Dimpleplasty is not reversible.

Check in at Costhetics again soon for new ways to look and feel your best.

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