To counteract unrealistic expectations set up by the media, advertisers, and unscrupulous practitioners, the Costhetics team has created this article to help you sort truth from fiction. We want you to get real about the genuine benefits of cosmetic surgery and understand what it can and can’t do for your appearance and your self-esteem.

Cosmetic surgery gets an “A” for improved appearance

Cosmetic surgery can absolutely be a wonderful way to improve your appearance. In fact a recent poll conducted by American cosmetic surgeon Eric Swanson revealed that

  • 97% of patients were happy with their results
  • 90% of patients reported receiving positive feedback from others
  • 40% of patients said their results were even better than expected

After cosmetic surgery, many people notice that their bodies and/or facial features seem “in balance” or better proportioned. Ideally, a cosmetic procedure will sculpt the body or features in a way that looks natural and pleasing, causing a patient to look more like they feel they should look.

Cosmetic surgery lifts spirits, along with sagging skin

As for the psychological benefits of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Swanson found that

  •  80% of patients reported higher self-esteem
  • 70% of patients reported an improved quality of life

Cosmetic surgery helps people take pride in their appearance, which can translate into an enhanced day-to-day outlook on life.

4 things cosmetic surgery won’t do

Cosmetic enhancement is ideal for fine-tuning an imperfect body part and providing an accompanying boost to self-esteem. It will not, however, make you young again, and it will not cure depression. Cosmetic surgeons don’t—or shouldn’t— operate on everyone who comes through the door. They have had to become gatekeepers of reality in a world of distorted expectations.

Here are some other things cosmetic surgery can’t do:

  •  Make you look like your favorite celebrity. Your bone structure and facial features are unique to you and can only be changed so much before you look disfigured or like a plastic doll. Beware of any doctor who urges you to indulge unrealistic aspirations such as “I want to look like Nicole Kidman” or “I want a figure like Miss Australia.”
  • Salvage a relationship. If you choose to have breast augmentation, a facelift, liposuction, or any other cosmetic enhancement procedures, it should be for yourself, not for your significant other.
  • Provide a risk-free way to look and feel better. Like any surgery, cosmetic surgery carries a certain level of risk, including the possibility of infection, excessive bleeding, or a negative response to anesthesia. Choosing a board-certified surgeon with extensive experience in the specific surgery you are seeking can reduce the risk.
  • Change your appearance without leaving scars. Any time the skin is cut, a scar forms as part of the normal healing process. A skilled surgeon can make incisions in less visible places, and there are secondary surgeries to reduce the appearance of scars, but there is no such thing as scar-free surgery.

The key to happiness with cosmetic surgery

Movies and TV shows like “Extreme Makeover” suggest that cosmetic surgery can instantly and magically transform any woman into a goddess and give her the self-esteem and confidence she’s always wanted. It’s simply not true.
So what is the key to achieving positive results? The answer is simple:
Patients who have realistic goals and expectationsare the most satisfied post-surgery To ensure an accurate picture of what your results will be, talk with your surgeon about what cosmetic enhancement can do for you.

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