Team Costhetics was chatting about our days of being young and putting on make-up to look older.

Even though those days are long gone, many of us confessed that we haven’t really changed our make-up routines to reflect our, shall we say, more mature appearance. You, too? We’ve got you! After scouring the internet for the latest news and information about cosmetic surgery, facial ageing, and aesthetic enhancement, Costhetics has uncovered 6 make-up missteps that may be ageing you… and what you can do to look better.

Don’t Parch Your Skin with Powder

As we pass out of our teens and into our twenties and thirties, our skin begins to lose its ability to self-lubricate. This is primarily due to a shift in hormone production. Putting dry powder on dry skin simply makes the problem worse. Powder sucks up any existing moisture. It will then cake on your face or flake-off. Both Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda look positively dewy thanks to the make-up they choose, despite the fact they are both seniors.

Brows Should Be Delicate, Not Drawn

A lifetime of plucking combined with ageing can turn eyebrows into a thin ghost of their former selves. Thin eyebrows are a hallmark of growing older, but be careful how you treat them. A single, heavily drawn line is just as ageing. Instead, use an eyebrow pencil with a fine tip to shade in thin areas along the natural brow line. Jennifer Connelly has “immaculate” eyebrows says Elle, who credits a thick, straighter brow for her more youthful look.

Take Care with Contouring

Contouring make-up is definitely having its moment, as make-up artists use different shades to add dimension to the face. Contouring an older face is a bit like bringing coals to Newcastle. This slimming approach to applying make-up is the wrong choice if your temples and cheekbones are already beginning to hollow. Instead of contouring along the cheekbone, apply the shade starting at your ears and “subtly lifting the shape to be more horizontal as you taper and blend the product,” says celebrity make-up artist Rae Morris.

Get to Know Concealers

Pigmentation problems and sunspots work together to turn a once flawless face into a mottled mess. To restore that flawless face, use colour-correcting concealers. Concealers come in a variety of tones and can work magic in a variety of ways. For example, red/peach tints neutralise dark under-eye circles. Yellow tints help mask hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Green tints can effectively counteract redness from sunburn, broken capillaries, acne, and even rosacea. Be careful with your application. Too much concealer, especially under the eyes, will make you look old, not well-rested.

Mute Your Mascara

Do you have long, luxurious lashes? If you do, congratulations. If not and you are getting a little older, go easy on the mascara. A mass of mascara actually calls attention to crow’s feet. Make certain your mascara brush is clean and separates your lashes, so they don’t look thick and clumpy.

Prime Your Lips for Painting

Lips are a prime target for ageing. As we lose collagen, our lips lose their fullness and can begin to droop. At the same time, vertical lines become more visible, making lips look old. Lip primers provide a smooth base and keep lipstick from settling into those vertical lines.

Have we got you thinking? We hope so. You can look your best at any age as long as you know the secrets. If you need help figuring out the best anti-ageing make-up strategies, you may want to consult with a professional. Costhetics can help you get started. Visit our site for live chat, to find a doctor in your area, or to learn more about the world of aesthetic procedures that can help you achieve your goals.

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