Here at Costhetics, we love cosmetics and skin. Our enthusiasm keeps our team motivated and dedicated to finding out what matters to Australians.

It turns out, they like cosmetics, too, especially when they can make their purchases online. Based on data gathered From April 2014 through March 2015, Roy Morgan Research reports that during an average four-week period:

  • 40% of the population aged 14+ make at least one online purchase
  • 370,000 Aussies bought cosmetics
  • 367,000 Aussies purchased skincare products
  • 108,000 Aussies purchased a combination of the two

Think Global, Buy Australian

Australian consumers are Oz-centric when it comes to their online cosmetics and skincare purchasing. They show a clear preference for purchasing from retailers with a local connection:

  • 194,000 Australians purchase exclusively from an Aussie online retailer
  • 92,000 weren’t certain where the retailer was based
  • 91,000 use an overseas website
  • 8,000 purchase from a combination of the two

5 Ways to Avoid Cosmetic/Skincare Buyers Regret

Cosmetics and skincare products used to be available at counters where you could touch, try, feel, and smell a product, although there was often a paid-by-commission salesperson at your shoulder encouraging you to buy, buy, buy. That being said, the salesperson was also able to give you information about the product to help you make the right decision.

That doesn’t happen when you shop via the Internet. To make sure you don’t get burned, figuratively (by a high price tag for a useless product) or literally (by an allergic reaction or skin rash from that same product), Team Costhetics have put together our top 6 tips for making a smart purchase online:

  • Try before you buy – Even if you’re not going to buy at a cosmetic counter, you can still visit them to ask questions and sample products. Use the knowledge you’ve gained and then shop online.
  • Buy from a trusted source – A professional cosmetics retailer will have a transparent site that lists a company address, email, and phone number. When you buy from a company you trust, you protect your skin from bogus products, and your identity from thieves.
  • See what people are saying – Despite the fact that online reviews are often paid endorsements, online testimonials remain an excellent way to determine whether a product is a hero or a zero.
  • Check the ingredients – One reason online cosmetics may cost less is that they are inferior formulations. If a product website fails to provide a complete list of ingredients, we say “Run, don’t walk” to another store.
  • Check the expiration date when your product arrives – The ingredients in skincare and cosmetic products don’t stay fresh forever. After three to six months, even the best good-for-the-skin purchase can actually put you at risk for bacterial and fungal infections

We’ve got to run. Our computer just rang with a sales alert for one of our team members’ favourite products.

Stay beautiful.

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