Have you ever wondered what effect the air quality has on your skin?

What about UV? We all know that sunlight advances the ageing process significantly.

Costhetics recently ranked Australian cities based on both Air Quality and UV to see which places are the best for youthful looking skin and which are potentially the worst!

Can pollution Affect My Skin?

Polluted air and the small airborne particles it contains clogs pores and triggers skin breakouts, including acne. Pollution can even cause damage in the deeper layers of your skin, the source of discolouration and deep wrinkles.

Australian Air Gets High Ranking, Yet…

Let’s start with the good news:

Australia takes the #11 spot in a listing of 106 countries in air quality (Source:  IQAir)

Australia’s average Air Quality Index (AQI) in 2020 was 31. This compares with the cleanest index score of 3.7 for New Caledonia and Puerto Rico. (NZ came in with an AQI of 7 placing them at rank number 8 in the world.)

Now, the not so good news:

  • 5,000 people die from exposure to air pollution each year. (The #1 killer in Australia is heart disease which claims the lives of around 17,000 people)
  • Thousands of people die annually from pollution-related health effects including asthma, heart disease, and stroke
  • 7 million people a year die from air pollution and many more suffer health effects.

Add to all this…

Air Quality Index: Top & Bottom of the Charts

The Air Quality Index is a yardstick to measure levels of air pollution. Scores range from 0 to 500, the lower the better. In 2020, research found:

  • Cleanest air in Australia: Tasmania which scored an average AQI of 10
  • Dirtiest Air in Australia: Albury, NSW which scored an average AQI of 62 (Heavy bushfires are a large factor in Albury’s score)

Connection between Air Quality & BS (Bad Skin)

Pollutants in the air cause free radical damage and chronic inflammation of the skin. As a result:

  • Collagen fibres become fragmented
  • Skin cells are weakened
  • Pigment-producing cells accelerate production
  • Skin nutrients and vitamins are lost
  • Skin becomes dehydrated

When you add the damaging effects of UV rays from the harsh Australian sun, bad skin seems almost inevitable. Almost. If you are vigilant about using sunscreen and mindful about how much time you spend in the sun, your good skin doesn’t have to turn bad.

The Happiest Skin in Australia is Here…

Costhetics chief numbers cruncher wanted to get a more precise picture of skin health in Australia. He worked with both the Air Quality Index and the Ultraviolet (UV) Quality Index to identify Australia’s skin-friendliest locations.

Here’s the maths behind the method:

  • Area’s Average UV score divided by 15 (maximum UV score value)
  • Area’s Average AQI score divided by 110 (maximum AQI score value)
  • Add both scores and multiply by 100 to create a ranking

Should Your Skin be the Decision-Maker?

Of course not. Wherever you live, whether it’s skin-friendly Hobart or skin-challenging Darwin, Costhetics reminds you that you have access to some of the world’s finest skin care and anti-ageing professionals across Australia. Skin practitioners receive extensive training in the art of aesthetic enhancement and the science of cosmetic surgery. They are skilled at their craft and many specialise in skin rejuvenation.

Need microdermabrasion in Port Melbourne? Want a chemical peel in Ryde? Eager for a lip lift in Lagoon Pocket? Need help finding just the right practitioner? Costhetics can help. Our team isn’t simply ready to assist you with information on aesthetic enhancement, we’re chomping at the bit to help you reach your skin goals.

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