It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly two decades since Reese Witherspoon played college co-ed Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.

Now 43 and playing a woman old enough to be Elle’s mum, the actress looks almost as young as she did in 2001. What’s her secret? Aesthetic experts say it’s the proportions of her face, wider at the forehead and cheekbones, tapering to a delicate jaw line.

Reese was born with her heart-shaped face. Were you? If not, you may want to visit your favourite medical practice and let cosmetic injectables do the work that nature didn’t.

Baby Fat & Baby Face

Children, especially babies, are prized for being slightly chubby. A little chub makes their little cheeks pinch-worthy…not to mention their little bottoms. “A face is chubby due to fat pads in the upper and middle face. They create a soft, non-angular appearance that we associate with youth.

Unlike belly fat, facial fat pads become depleted as we age. At the same time, ligaments supporting facial skin begin to weaken. Over time, facial skin and fat begin to droop, turning a heart-shaped face into a triangular shape, with everything collecting in the lower third of the face like a pyramid. Injectors can use dermal fillers into the mid- and upper face to recreate a more youthful face by returning the triangle back into a heart.

Some professionals recommend muscle-relaxing injections into the masseter muscles of the jaw to taper the area further. This causes the muscle to work less, which in turn reduces the bulk of the muscle, creating a less square jawline. Other secrets for adding even more youth to a heart-shaped face:

  • Augmenting lip volume
  • Filling in tear troughs

Spending Goes Up to Prevent Faces from Dropping

When the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia releases statistics, Team Costhetics gobbles them up like candy. Recently, we made quite a meal on a press release that announced:

  • Australians are continuing to spend up on cosmetic procedures each year
  • The annual spend on minimally and non-invasive procedures has topped the $1 billion mark for the first time in history
  • Dermal filler injections saw a 25% spike in demand
  • Anti-wrinkle injections were up 14%

Clearly, Australians are willing to put their money where their face is….but are they spending wisely? People need to visit a qualified injector who understands facial aesthetics as well as injecting techniques. An experienced injector has the skills to assess a patient’s natural facial shape and then use fillers and wrinkle relaxers to create balance and harmony from forehead to chin. We also note that this level of expertise is frequently absent from pop up beauty bars, as few of them have the training to understand things like the face’s bony infrastructure. As a result, they take a one size fits all approach to facial rejuvenation, giving every client the same treatment rather than focusing on their unique facial needs.

The bottom line: If you have your heart set on a heart-shaped face, Costhetics recommends you visit doctor who specialises in aesthetic medical treatments.

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