If there’s one thing Team Costhetics never gets its fill of, it’s dermal fillers. Do you know why?

It’s because fillers help us love what we see when we look at our faces in the mirror:

  • Pleasing facial contours
  • Kissable lips

Sadly, these facial features aren’t readily on display right now, what with masks the de rigeur fashion accessory of the moment. Is that a reason to give up on them? Costhetics says no. In the article Audrina Patridge Says Her Lip Fillers Have Made Her ‘Feel Pretty’ During Quarantine, the lipalicious star of The Hills revealed, “Whether I’m wearing a mask or not, I still feel good.”

Feeling good is the best reason Costhetics can think of to make dermal fillers your first choice of treatment when it’s time to go back to your doctor. Looking good is the icing on the cake.

Fillers, Better Than Ever Says AAD

Dermal fillers are no stranger to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) which calls their effects “breakthrough.” Unlike their forebears, today’s fillers can give you:

  • A more pleasant treatment experience thanks to new pain-reducing formulations
  • Longer-lasting results than ever before

The AAD cautions, “…having filler injected in a non-medical setting can be extremely dangerous.” To protect your health, just say no to doctors who operate out of:

  • Hotel suite
  • Someone’s home

3 Reasons Facial Fillers are Simply Irresistible

Looking for a change of face that’s noticeable, but subtle? Eager to do something dramatic to your facial contours? Want a quick facial fix so you feel ready for online close-ups broadcast from your home office… or ready to get up close and personal in a different room? If so, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to the wonderful work of dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers have shown themselves to be an effective tool for achieving a fuller, fresher, and more youthful facial appearance. Add to that:

  1. Instant gratification – Unlike surgical procedures, dermal fillers require virtually no recovery or downtime. Wrinkles and file lines, especially around the cheeks, eyes, the mouth, and forehead diminish instantly, though it takes approximately 24 hours for any swelling to subside and the ‘true’ contours to be revealed. Similarly, thin, deflated lips can be brought back to more youthful fullness.
  2. Safer than surgery – Medical-grade fillers are administered by or under the supervision of a medical professional. Unlike surgery, however, a dermal filler treatment involves no cutting of the skin. There is also no use of anaesthesia which cuts down on the risk of complications.
  3. One and done…for a year or more – While it’s true facelifts can last up to 15 years, enjoying six to eighteen months of a deflated face is nothing to shake a stick at. Furthermore, certain dermal fillers stimulate your body to produce more collagen, providing an all-natural plumping in addition to the filler.

What a Dermal Filler Appointment Looks Like

Dermal filler treatments vary from practice to practice. Generally speaking, however, you can expect:

  • A single visit
  • A consultation to determine where and how much filler will be used
  • Treatment time of 15-30 minutes
  • Pre-numbing of treatment areas
  • Tiny injections into treatment area
  • Minor stinging or burning sensation during treatment
  • Ice packs to reduce swelling

The only caveats you’ll need to follow post-appointment are:

  • Wait 24 hours to exercise or do strenuous activity
  • Stay out of the sun for 72 hours and then be sure to use sunscreen

Costhetics looks forward to seeing you soon…at a safe distance.

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