From the moment the doctor slaps your bottom and you announce your entrance into the world with a cry, every expression you make begins to carve a pattern of lines into your face; laugh lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, etc. As you age, nature and gravity take their toll, too. Soon, inflammation and the inevitable breakdown of collagen and elastin turn your skin to a matrix of unsightly wrinkles.

Wrinkles aren’t forever. There are a number of treatments that can restore your youthful glow, and we talk about some of the best ones below. What we’d like to start with, however, is a way to keep your skin looking youthful with a diet choice that helps prevent wrinkles from forming.

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How to Stop Wrinkles: Cut Out Sugars

Sugar molecules, whether they come from processed white sugar or all-natural honey, bind to collagen and elastin and degrade faster than normal. This process produces toxins known as AGEs. AGEs are believed to make skin more susceptible to sun damage. The more AGEs you produce, the more damage occurs. Solution: eat less sugar, have fewer wrinkles. 

Even the best diet can’t prevent age lines from appearing on your face. When you need help, here are some great ways to erase wrinkles:

The Best Way to Stop Forehead Wrinkles? Relax!

Lines above the eyebrows are a tell-tale sign of growing older, but injectable muscle relaxants will help your forehead keep your secret. Cosmetic injectables limit the movement of muscles that produce forehead lines, making them look softer and less noticeable. A skilled injector will meticulously inject a targeted area to keep patients’ features from looking unnaturally frozen.

Erase Marionette Lines

Between talking, chewing, smiling, and all the other things it does, your mouth (and the skin around it) gets an exhausting workout every day. That hard work begins to show itself in hard-to-erase lines that are etched around the mouth. The solutions, customised to an individual patient, include fractional CO2 laser resurfacing and dermal fillers.

SPF: The Three Most Important Letters in Skin Care

The sun’s rays are extremely damaging to skin, creating an environment where wrinkles can flourish. If you care about your skin, you need to care about your beauty products and how much sun protection they provide. Cosmetic products (and sunscreen) with an SPF of 30 should be used year-round, not just during swim season.

Preventing Wrinkles with Retinoids

What’s better than a cure for wrinkles? We think a preventative measure that helps prevent them from forming is the right answer. Prescription-strength retinoids help keeps skin in tip-top shape. They strengthen skin and boost the production of collagen. The more robust the production of collagen in your face, the less wrinkles and lines will be visible.

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