Costhetics has a can-do attitude about the benefits of a daily skin regimen.

Hopefully, you’re already using a good sunscreen each morning after cleansing your face, smoothing on a retinoid cream at night, eating right, and moisturising, moisturising, moisturising.

No matter how well you care for your complexion, however, things you’re doing can throw a monkey wrench into your efforts, ageing your skin and making you look older than you are.

Let’s put a stop to that, shall we?

Spit Out that Gum!

Habitually chewing gum can give you creases around your mouth and even lead to sagging jowls. The repetitive motion causes wrinkles to form and grow deep. For an over-the-counter quick fix, you can consider a plumping lotion with wrinkle-fighting peptides and hyaluronic acid. For a professional and long-lasting solution, consider dermal fillers and wrinkle-relaxing injections.

Hold the Phone!

A study of 2,000 smartphone owners found that the majority of respondents check weather, news, and send a text or two before they get out of bed in the morning and keep on using their device until they go to bed at night, racking up as many as 150 interactions per day. That constant looking down causes folding in the skin and a loss of elasticity. Team Costhetics reminds you not to overlook your delicate neck skin during your daily beauty regimen and suggests you consult with a professional to learn about permanent solutions.

Beat the Heat

Infrared radiation (IR) is the heat you feel from a hot pan or a steamy pavement on a hot day. IR is good for your skin in moderate amounts, triggering collagen and elastin production. In excess amounts, however, it has been linked to pigmentation problems and skin cancer. Try to limit activities that expose you to high heat, such as over-using your hair dryer or standing in front of a hot pan for too long.

You’re Bringing Me Down

Do you repeatedly pull down your skin when you’re washing your face or applying moisturiser? If so, you may be creating wrinkles, particularly around delicate eye skin. To keep your skin radiant, start at your chin and work your way up to your forehead, using a light touch.

The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

Many people enjoy beverages through a straw, particularly iced coffee. Straws are fun, and retro, and keep beverages from staining your teeth. Unfortunately, the puckering movement you make when sipping from a straw leads to not-so-fun smiles line. Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are a popular solution.

Have you been an unknowing victim of a skin saboteur? If so, Costhetics hopes this article will help you be more mindful, vigilant, and beautiful!

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