When self-proclaimed cosmetic surgery enthusiast and reality show star Laurina Fleure told her cast-mates on “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” that 70% of Australian women have breast lifts, she caused a firestorm of controversy. Then she poured petrol on the fire by proclaiming that two other women on the show had undergone breast enhancement surgery.

While some surgeons may collect statistics for their individual practices, there are currently no national statistics on breast lift surgeries. At the same time, breast implant companies are reluctant to share sales figures for privacy reasons.

While the precise number of surgeries remains a mystery, there’s no mystery about the #1 question Australian women have about breast lifts: how much does it cost? In this article, Team Costhetics provides the answer.

Breast Lift Surgery Costs: Surgeon’s Fees

We’re happy to report that breast lifts are becoming increasingly affordable in Australia.  Now competing with medical tourism and its promises of low-cost procedures, surgeons here at home are making changes. Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, surgeon Laith Bamouti commented on how the cost price of cosmetic surgery, including breast enlargement, is rising annually. He noted that today thousands of Aussie women travel abroad to have surgeries for half what they paid at home.

 “I saw there was a discernible gap in the local market for a high-quality cosmetic surgery practice that could offer affordable breast lifts without sacrificing patient care or surgical outcomes.”

It’s the last part of his comment that resonated with us at Costhetics. No one should ever sacrifice health for beauty and choose a low-cost, poorly qualified surgeon. In Australia, plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, and even dermatologists may perform cosmetic surgery. There is also a black market of non-medical professionals performing procedures away from the safety of hospital.

Your surgeon’s fee will be affected by your surgeon’s training and location. You can expect the surgeon’s portion of a breast lift to cost between $6,000 and $8,000 (AUD). If you are having breast augmentation along with a breast lift, the surgeon’s fee plus the cost of the implants themselves will be approximately $12,000 (AUD).

5 Additional Costs Related to Breast Lift Surgery

Beyond your surgeon’s fee, the total cost of a breast lift will include several additional expenses related to your safety and care. These fees vary from state to state. Here in Sydney, where Costhetics is based, fees average as follows:

  • Initial consultation fee – Free to $300 (AUD)
  • Anaesthetist’s fee – Approximately $1,250 (AUD)
  • Hospital facilities fees – Approximately $1,500 (AUD)
  • Post-surgical bra or support garment – Approximately $25 – $55 (AUD)
  • Follow up visits – Approximately $100-$250 (AUD) per visit

Some plastic surgeons offer their patients an inclusive price, which includes such things as follow-up visits. An ethical surgeon will make sure before your procedure that you understand every aspect of his/her fee structure.

Will insurance pay for a breast lift? Medicare does not reimburse for cosmetic surgery of any kind. Some private health insurers may help cover the cost of theatre fees and your hospital bed. Obtaining a doctor’s referral could facilitate your ability to submit a claim on these costs.

Ask a Professional about Breast Lifts in Australia

With so many variables affected the final total, it can be difficult to figure out the cost of breast lift surgery. You don’t have to! Your surgeon will help you estimate potential costs after an initial consultation.

Costhetics applauds these highly skilled professionals who help women achieve their personal best and get the curves they’ve always dreamed of.

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