Team Costhetics was talking about all the beauty treatments we’ve been missing during the COVID lockdown.

At the top of our list, and probably yours, are cosmetic injectables, those magical little helpers that keep our wrinkles and fine lines in check.

We’ve missed our favourite practitioners and we know they’ve missed us, too. Normally we pop in for booster sessions every few months or so in order to maintain our youthful gorgeousness. You, too? If so, then like us, you may be wondering whether you’re going to need to double or even triple up on the dosage of your first session after lockdown.

Here’s what the experts say, and we think you’re going to like what you hear (mostly)…

Good News: Neuromodulators May Outlast COVID

It’s been tough for those of us who are trying to keep active wrinkles from turning into static ones etched into the face. Just worrying about their return is enough to cause more wrinkles! Relax your brow, mate. Most folks enjoy three to six months of benefits after receiving anti-wrinkle injections.

What does all this mean to you? When you’re ready to see your injector (soon we hope), you should be able to pick up where you left off. (Woohoo!) There are exceptions, of course. The benefits are more likely to have diminished if you:

  • Have long glabellar frown lines
  • Exercise frequently

In these cases, your injector may want to up increase your dosage after several missed maintenance appointments.

Good News II: No Double-Dip on Dermal Fillers Required

Few of us feel the same today as we did before COVID began to dominate our lives. The daily stress and anxiety is taking its toll on our faces. Stress disrupts cortisol production and deprives us of sleep. This leads to increased collagen destruction and decreased collagen production in very short order…but it takes time.

Typically, based on factors such as the area of treatment, the type of filler, and a patient’s unique physiology, benefits from filler injections can last from 6 to 18 months. The exception to the rule are injections to increase lip volume or plump nasolabial folds whose benefits are not as long-lasting.

Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Better

Some injectables enthusiasts choose autologous fat injections. They fight wrinkles and fine lines with fat harvested from the patient’s own body. The fat is processed and then re-injected to

  • Enhance facial fullness
  • Fill creases
  • Build up shallow contours.

Patients who go this route (which is more complex, uncomfortable, and costly than other options) have been shown to enjoy benefits for up to two years. COVID should not have had an impact on their youthful appearance.

Costhetics Predicts: Cosmetic Injectable Combo Procedures

Slowly, but surely, we will all get back into our beauty routines. When that happens, the best injectables advice Costhetics has to offer is this: seek out an expert and get a professional opinion. Rather than a double-dose of your favourite cosmetic injectable, you might want to consider expanding your treatment to include:

If it makes you feel good and doesn’t empty your wallet, Costhetics says do it!

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