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2018 Beauty Predictions

Costhetics predicts beauty trends for 2018

Posted: 16 Aug 17

Should Teenagers Be Allowed To Have Cosmetic Surgery?

Posted: 15 Jan 13

Cosmetic surgery is in huge demand among teenagers everywhere, with nose reshaping and ear surgery among the most popular procedures. read more...

Some Injectables With Your Lipstick Madam?

Posted: 10 Jan 13

A new study reveals that anti-wrinkle injections and fillers are the new lipstick in the UK and Australia. read more...

Revision Rhinoplasty – What’s All The Fuss About?

Posted: 8 Jan 13

Nose reshaping surgery or rhinoplasty is very much in demand. But did you know that it also has relatively high revision surgery requests? read more...

Why Do You Want To Change Your Nose?

Posted: 4 Jan 13

Find out what influences people to have rhinoplasty, and why it’s a procedure in demand. read more...

What Concerns Women The Most?

Posted: 2 Jan 13

Americans, Canadians and Australians. Do these women share the same concerns or are they different? read more...

Genes may control the way we age

Ethnicity, Genes and Ageing

Posted: 28 Dec 12

Genes related to our ethnicity not only dictate the way we look, but also control the way we age. read more...

Christmas Presents and Cosmetic Surgery

What’s In Your Stocking This Year?

Posted: 20 Dec 12

Christmas presents and cosmetic surgery: Should the two go hand in hand? read more...

Beating Breast Cancer

Posted: 14 Dec 12

What is it really like to have breast cancer and what are your options for breast reconstruction? read more...

Cocaine Can Ruin Your Nose

Posted: 7 Dec 12

Many cocaine users need nose-reshaping surgery because cocaine can really ruin your nose. read more...

Medical Tourism increasingly popular with Australians

Medical Tourism

Posted: 6 Dec 12

Some Aussies seek cosmetic surgery in foreign countries: But at what cost? read more...

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