Will It Hurt?

With effective pain management, however, you can enjoy your enhanced appearance without too much discomfort. To manage pain successfully after cosmetic surgery, it is crucial to work closely with your doctor and nurses and follow postoperative instructions. Knowledge... read more

Smoking and Surgery

Smokers face significantly higher levels of risk compared to non-smokers Numerous studies have been conducted on how and why smokers face higher levels of risk during surgery. A recent analysis of data of over 520,000 patients from the American College of Surgeons... read more

Questions to Ask Your Practitioner

The Practitioner Research your practitioner It is important that you learn as much as you can about your surgeon or practitioner before the initial consultation. You are looking for a properly trained surgeon, certified in your area of concern. Don’t be afraid to ask... read more

Scar Healing Treatments Following Cosmetic Surgery

Some people scar more than others. The way your skin heals and the type of scars you develop after cosmetic surgery depends on many factors, including: The depth and size of the incisions. The location of incisions. The skill of your surgeon. The post-surgical care... read more

Risks and Complications of Surgery

Risks and complications do occur, and you should be fully aware of them before you consider surgery. Bleeding is pretty common for a few hours following surgery. Blood clotting under the skin from a broken blood vessel and leaking into the surrounding tissue can... read more

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