Collagen Anyone?

Advocates of a “collagen diet” say adding this natural protein to food and beverages can slow down the ageing process, keep skin beautiful, maintain gut health, and more.

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Your Vagina Is Hungry!

The only thing we like to talk about more than beauty is eating, and the only thing we like to talk about more than eating is sex.

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What to Eat for Cosmetic Surgery Success

Depending on the patient and the procedure, doctors may recommend a homecare regimen that includes applying cold packs to reduce swelling. Costhetics recommends food. Why? Thank you for asking!

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How Diet Rejuvenates Skin

Today we’re exploring the connection between skin health and proper diet…

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5 Reasons Calorie Counting Is Hogwash

Although consuming fewer calories is an important part of healthy weight loss, actually counting those calories may be working against you.

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3 Australian Superfoods

Australians are known the world over for their incandescent beauty. Why is that?

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