When to Have Cosmetic Surgery

Costhetics recommends that you backdate from your special day when scheduling your cosmetic surgery or treatment.

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Cosmetic Surgery & Your Wallet

There’s a very important subject you need to understand thoroughly: Medicare coverage.

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Forget the G-Spot, Meet the V-Spot

Known in some ho-hum circles simply as “back dimples,” are two symmetrically balanced indentations in the lower part of a person’s back.

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Implants and Breast Health – How to Check for Lumps When You Have Breast Implants

Mammograms are considered the gold standard for detecting cancer and other diseases of the breast, but the procedure can be problematic for women who have undergone breast enhancement surgery.

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Daddy Makeover – Top Cosmetic Procedures for Dad’s

Today’s appearance-conscious men are just as eager as their spouses to free themselves of the outward signs of parenting.

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5 Ways To Deal With Post-Operative Pain

One subject that pops up often is dealing with what doctors refer to as “post-operative discomfort” and patients call “post-operative pain.” This article offers some practical answers.

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