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COVID-19 Collateral Damage: Soap is Essential, But Dries Your Hands

Understand the incredible power of soap, and how to keep your hands in top-top shape…

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Trending 2020: Smaller Breasts, Tattooing, & Heaps More Prejuvenation

Team Costhetics has sussed out what’s hot and what’s not in the world of aesthetics, and we’re bringing it to you…

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Tall Tales: Is Elective Leg Lengthening for Real?

Would YOU have your legs lengthened?

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Celebrities Rocking Their 50’s: What’s Their Secret?

What do drop-dead gorgeous divos and divas have that we don’t have?

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Toss These 7 Beauty Products NOW

The fact of the matter is skin products formulated for a mass market are intended for someone with “average” skin…which doesn’t really exist.

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Vitamin Talk: Give Me A “C”!

If you think popping a couple of Vitamin C tabs when you have a cold is all the ascorbic acid your body needs, you’re on a fast track to medical problems…

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