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Thread Lift with Anchoring Threads

The biggest advantage of a thread lift is the absence of visible scars and the very short downtime from routine activities. There are two main types – anchoring and non-anchoring threads. For a more information about those differences, read our article on the... read more

Green (Cosmetic) Dentistry Preserves Natural Teeth

Modern cosmetic dentistry offers many options that will help preserve your natural teeth while enhancing your smile. These include veneers with little or no preparation, dental bleaching, orthodontic therapy, aesthetic re-contouring of teeth, and the re-contouring of... read more


It is used to treat and lighten scars, skin discoloration, sun damaged skin and stretch marks. It may not remove prominent acne scars or other deep facial indentations completely. Microdermabrasion can be used as a series of between five and 12 treatment sessions... read more


Vaginal stretching can also lead to difficulty keeping tampons in place and may produce gas-like noises during intercourse. Exercises—sometimes referred to as perineal and sphincter re-education—can help restore lost muscle tone while strengthening the pelvic floor.... read more

Smoking and Surgery

Smokers face significantly higher levels of risk compared to non-smokers Numerous studies have been conducted on how and why smokers face higher levels of risk during surgery. A recent analysis of data of over 520,000 patients from the American College of Surgeons... read more

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