Monthly Archives: August 2017

3 Australian Superfoods

The world loves Australia. More than a million New Zealanders visit annually. Americans love our koalas and are obsessed with our slang. Germans flock to our shores for the sand and surf. Canadians strap on their backpacks to explore the outback. Wherever they come... read more

2018 Beauty Predictions

We loved the idea, so we asked all sorts of questions: Will we see more of Kim Kardashian’s bottom in the future? Ouija said yes. Will vaginal steaming still be a craze next year? Ouija said no Do Venus Dimples give women bigger orgasms? Ouija said “Good-bye.” (We... read more

Forget the G-Spot, Meet the V-Spot

The Roman goddess of love has been on our mind lately because her name has been in the headlines, linked to a new cosmetic procedure we wanted to tell you about. The Dimples of Venus Known in some ho-hum circles simply as “back dimples,” are two symmetrically balanced... read more

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