Monthly Archives: June 2016

Breast Lift Costs

While some surgeons may collect statistics for their individual practices, there are currently no national statistics on breast lift surgeries. At the same time, breast implant companies are reluctant to share sales figures for privacy reasons. While the precise... read more

600 Questions & Counting!

Team Costhetics was fascinated by some of the enquiries and by questions like these, many of which pop up again and again from people all over the world: What’s the wildest thing a patient has requested? Does genital surgery work? Should children get cosmetic surgery?... read more

Breast Implants vs a Kangaroo

Even so, Team Costhetics was quite surprised to read the ABC News headline: Kangaroo ruptures woman’s breast implants It turns out that two women cycling in the Clare Valley were literally jumped by a kangaroo. The animal leapt down from an embankment and attacked... read more

Body Image

This occurs despite their knowledge that body perfection is not a natural state for the majority of women and an understanding that Photoshop helps many women look more perfect than they are. How do you feel about your body? Does your inner voice say you measure up or... read more

Facelift In A Bottle – Is It Possible?

At Team Costhetics, we’ve learned to be sceptical, not cynical, about these breakthroughs. Many of the pitchmen behind these announcements are hucksters selling drugs, foods, and devices that are debunked as quickly as they are unveiled. On the other end of the... read more

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