Monthly Archives: February 2016

5 Minutes To A Beautiful Butt Without Surgery

When the Black Eyed Peas first sang this song, most women were working hard to minimise their backsides. Today, as Team Costhetics explains in this article, junk in the trunk has gone from “out” to “in,” and a big bootie is the new fitness goal. A lifted bootie, that... read more

Costhetics’ Guide to Supplements for Beautiful Skin

In an article on the link between nutrition and skin ageing, researchers reported that supplements can nourish your skin even when your diet does not. In this article, Costhetics shows you how to use supplements to fortify your skin at any age and protect yourself... read more

Urgent Info for Patients Considering a Tummy Tuck in 2016

We’re not surprised, because a tummy tuck provides cosmetic benefits including: Removal of excess abdominal skin related to pregnancy and weight loss. Elimination of stretch marks. Creation of a flatter, tighter, more contoured abdomen and narrower waist. Increased... read more

Costhetics Celebrates Diversity & Choice…in Female Genitalia

We take our role as Australia’s leading information source for cosmetic surgery news and cosmetic surgery procedures very seriously. When a new treatment or procedure is trending, we take a careful look to ensure that it’s safe and effective. This point of view leads... read more

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