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Mummy Makeovers: The Journey

Most women look forward to motherhood and pregnancy as a time of joy. But once the little bundle is here, they look in the mirror and go through a host of emotions. Just like motherhood, these emotions can take them on a roller coaster ride… with highs and lows,... read more

Real or Fake? The dangers of fake doctor reviews online

People today are turning to online forums, message boards and other online sources for information on just about everything, including advice on which surgeon to go to for cosmetic surgery. But not everything you see online is genuine feedback or endorsement based on... read more

Work It Baby! Does looking younger help you land a better job?

No one denies that it is harder to get a job now than it used to be. And the distressing trend towards hiring younger workers over older ones is not just about ageism or looks. It is also about a very short-term perspective focused more on cost cutting than fostering... read more

Smoke and Mirrors – What is smoking doing to your face?

If your identical twin commits a violent crime and leaves behind evidence that can be used for DNA analysis, you can get in real trouble. And this has happened before, more than once, to unsuspecting identical twins. Identical twins don’t just look and act alike. They... read more

Treatments for Nail Fungus

Fungus thrives in any warm, damp place. So feet, often confined in sweaty athletic shoes and socks, are a prime target. Tineapedis, or “athlete’s foot,” isn’t just a problem for fitness enthusiasts. Many people are troubled by this foot fungus, which causes cracked... read more

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