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Mummy Makeovers: The Journey

The full journey of a mummy makeover; the before, during and immediately after stages, through to complete recovery—can be a true emotional roller coaster. Let’s take a test ride.

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Real or Fake? The Dangers of Fake Doctor Reviews Online

People today are turning to online forums, message boards and other online sources for information on just about everything, including advice on which surgeon to go to for cosmetic surgery.

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Work It Baby! Does Looking Younger Help You Land a Better Job?

Does looking younger really give you a competitive edge in ordinary jobs and job interviews?

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Smoke and Mirrors – What Is Smoking Doing To Your Face?

We all know that smoking contributes to facial ageing. But how big a difference does it actually make?

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Treatments for Nail Fungus

Fungus thrives in any warm, damp place. So feet, often confined in sweaty athletic shoes and socks, are a prime target. Tineapedis, or “athlete’s foot,” isn’t just a problem for fitness enthusiasts. Many people are troubled by this foot fungus, which causes cracked... read more

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