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Tips for Preparing for Surgery

“The journey to and beyond surgery is an emotional rollercoaster,” says Dr. Anh Nguyen, a plastic surgeon who performs surgery on the face, breasts and body. “It is a ride that we as surgeons expect and are prepared for.” Here are some tips to help you prepare: Make... read more

Dental Braces

Modern materials and technological developments have paved the way for a variety of dental braces, including wire-free invisible ones as well as the more familiar wire based variety. Reasons for choosing to have braces The desire to improve their smile is a key... read more

Types of Anaesthesia for Cosmetic Surgery – Part 1 of 2.

There are many forms of anaesthesia, and many different means of administering them, including IV injections, tablets, and inhalation of medication in gas form. There are many types of anaesthesia as well, distinguished by how narrow or wide their effects. The main... read more

Does My Bum Look Big in This? – What do Australian’s Worry Most About?

Fine lines, loss of volume in the face, weight and appearance of the abdomen made up the top five concerns for survey participants. Just over a quarter of the responses showed concerns about the neck, buttocks and thighs. Nearly a quarter were also concerned about... read more

The History of Liposuction

The honour of inventing liposuction in 1974 is attributed to Dr. Giorgio Fischer, a gynaecologist from Rome, Italy. He later went on to found the International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. In 1978 two French doctors, Dr. Illouz and Dr. Fournier, began using and... read more

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