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What are Endotine Implants?

Endotines are a type of bio-absorbable polymer implant used by surgeons in procedures such as brow lifts, facelifts and neck lifts. They resolve the problem of soft-tissue fixation in facial plastic surgery, one of the least predictable or controllable aspects of brow... read more

Scar Healing with Silicone Gel

Scar treatments and scar management methods have to keep pace with the growing popularity of surgical cosmetic procedures and the increased interest men and women have in enhancing their personal appearances. Although silicone has been used for many years to treat... read more

Here Comes The Sun – Cosmetic Procedures for Summer

So what cosmetic procedures will be popular this summer? In the US market, a trendsetter in this sphere, mummy makeovers, the Vampire facelift, fat-reduction procedures such as Cellulaze and CoolSculpting were the hottest trends during the summer of 2012. Curves—both... read more

What Women Want Now: The Evolution of Cosmetic Enhancement

The liquid face-lift, non-surgical rhinoplasty, anti-wrinkle-injections, fillers and numerous other treatments are gaining momentum globally as well, pushing surgery to the back seat. We asked surgeons and cosmetic physicians why this trend is growing. Some doctors we... read more

Types of Anaesthesia for Cosmetic Surgery – Part 2 of 2.

You can read more about types of anaesthesia, their risks, benefits and under what circumstances each type is used in Part 1 of this article series: Types of Anaesthesia for Cosmetic Surgery – Part 1.  The table below lists the many types of surgical and non-surgical... read more

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