Monthly Archives: October 2018

Derma Rollers Rock Skin Rejuvenation

As Australia’s leading source for news and information about plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, and aesthetic enhancement, we pride ourselves on knowing what’s hot and what’s not. So we were gobsmacked when we saw an article posted on that said, “A... read more

Should I Be Gluten Free?

There were lettuce wraps and grain bowls, bone broth and salads, but no sandwiches. The reason: most of the members of our team have sworn off gluten. As Australia’s leading resource for aesthetic enhancement and health and beauty news, we were already familiar with... read more

Want a Faster Recovery After a Nose Job?

We’re even more proud when we can be cheerleaders for new innovations developed by an Australian company. (We admit it. We’re shamelessly proud of our country. Aussie, Aussie Aussie. Oi, Oi, Oi!) The people in the headlines today are the good folks at Precise Medical... read more

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