Monthly Archives: April 2016

Cosmetic Lasers

In this article, we’re reviewing all the amazing things that lasers can do, from correcting common skin issues to treating rosacea and making ageing skin look fresh and youthful again. Laser Skin Rejuvenation Then and Now Resurfacing lasers first entered the realm of... read more

Is Cosmetic Surgery The New Makeup?

Khloe loves what her makeup team does to contour her face, and she credits her workout routine with keeping her body curvy and bootylicious. Given her choices, Team Costhetics was surprised when the outspoken queen of social media told Cosmopolitan Magazine: “I... read more

Asian Plastic Surgery On The Rise

Some of those attributes are features of a person’s ethnicity, creating unique challenges for aesthetic enhancement professionals. To achieve optimal success, providers must have an understanding of a patient’s physiological and cultural nuances, as well as his/her... read more

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