Monthly Archives: March 2016

What Are the Most Popular Procedures for 2016

The news we’re sharing today is from America where the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has released its annual report on plastic surgery statics. It came as no surprise that the number of surgical and non-surgical procedures performed each year has risen... read more

3 Problems of the Ageing Penis

We wish we could tell you that your trouser snake will escape those indignities of ageing that cause your face to wrinkle and your love handles to sag. We wish we could, but Costhetics is all about the facts, and the fact of the matter is that you and your penis are... read more

Will Beauty Surpass Beef as Top Export to US?

“Television executives at Fox Broadcasting say they have begun recruiting more natural looking actors from Australia and Britain…because the amply endowed, freakishly young-looking crowd that shows up for auditions in Los Angeles suffers from too much sameness.” – The... read more

Celeb Tips On Staying Slim!

In the campaign, SJP shows off her curves in skin-tight skinnies that look virtually painted on. Seeing how gorgeous she looks, you might think she’s a slave to her bathroom scale.   After all, her popularity was built on her status as the trend-setting Carrie... read more

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