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Ageing Hair Loss

In this post, Costhetics talks specifically about women’s hair loss. It’s a very common problem, but one few women like to think about, let alone discuss. Fairy Tale Tresses Throughout history, a woman’s hair has been called her crowning glory. Thick luxurious tresses... read more

50 Shades of Grey

                We think vintage, because washing away the grey is so last century. In 2015, women of all ages are trading in their gold, crimson, black, and brown tresses for the vibrant “it” colour of the moment: silver. The... read more

The Kindest Cut of All

Although the surgery was completed several months ago, doctors waited to announce their stunning news to assess the patient’s recovery. The procedure is fascinating, and its applications will be far-reaching in both cosmetic and medical applications. Costhetics... read more

True or False? Common breast and pregnancy myths

It’s also wonderful for mothers. According to, breast-feeding is linked to Reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancer Reduced risk for type two diabetes Reduced risk of post-partum depression Despite all the benefits, Costhetics knows that many women... read more

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