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Is the Plus Size Movement Empowering, Shaming or Unhealthy? Part 2

Weight: Acceptable Object of Ridicule in an Otherwise P.C. World Making fun of overweight people remains as one of the last acceptable forms of bigotry at a time when political correctness has put an end to jokes based on gender, sexual orientation, and race. “There’s... read more

Is the Plus Size Movement Empowering, Shaming or Unhealthy? Part 1

 In this article, the news-hungry team at Costhetics takes a look at the plus size movement and the impact it’s making on women’s self-esteem and self-image. Artists Embrace Women’s Physical Diversity From Renoir to Reubens to Botero, artists have always embraced... read more

Dying To Be Beautiful – Why 50% of Korean 20 year olds have had Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Con:“She Was Thinking About Letting Someone Else Have It…” In October 2014, beauty queen Catherine Cando Cornejo was looking ahead to a brighter and slimmer future. Just 19 years old, she had won a major pageant in Ecuado and a prize package that included... read more

Costhetics News Flash! Caitlyn Jenner’s Feminisation Surgery In Depth

Just four hours after sending her first tweet as a woman, former Olympian and transgender hero Caitlyn – formerly Bruce – set a new world record. The massive response to her Twitter account broke the Guinness World Record for fastest time to gain a million followers.... read more

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