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Daddy Makeover – Top Cosmetic Procedures for Dad’s

Did you think this was just a problem for women? If so, prepare to learn how and why men develop a “dad body” and how cosmetic procedures can help them return to their pre-baby looks. Don’t Blame Baby, It’s Hormones! As reported in The Huffington Post, researchers... read more

3D Tooth Printing

Costhetics is thrilled to bits to tell you about a revolution in dentistry: 3D tooth printing. Imagine scheduling an appointment to have a tooth replaced and walking out the same day with an improved smile. It’s possible, now that more and more dentists are working... read more

Want Bigger Boobs for 24 Hours?

“More importantly, experienced surgeons say that both the look and feel of breasts that have been saline-augmented is significantly different from breasts with implants.”

read more

Skip the “Little Blue Pill” & Call Your Surgeon

It examines the impact a major aesthetic procedure has on a patient’s post-operative sex life. The results were remarkable: 95+% of respondents reported improvements in body image. 80% of breast augmentation respondents reported improvements in sexual satisfaction.... read more

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